3 Skills Women in HR Have

3 Skills Women in HR Have

Has anyone taken the time to consider why the Human Resources (HR) field is dominated by women? HR is the only leadership role that is predominantly female. According to the 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 72% of HR managers were women. Could it be because HR has a reputation for being female-dominated, which in turn results in men being less likely to pursue it? Or are the complexities of the role better handled by women?

We may not be able to pinpoint the exact reasons as to why woman continue to dominate the HR field but we broke down three skills women have that make them successful in their HR roles.

People Management Skills

Call it a women’s intuition…  in a professional environment, women are more likely than men to recognize strong performers who are an asset to the organization. Because women are able to focus and observe performance more adequately, they are able to break down and overcome issues related to employee performance on an employee to employee basis.

Multitasking Abilities

When it comes to managing multiple projects and people, women are generally better than men. The HR profession has evolved as a widespread people-management function which requires a strategic approach to deal with its challenges. From organization design, recruitment, training, employee-engagement, on-boarding to operations, every action requires thought and strategy. Women with the ability to multitask are better equipped to understand the demands and challenges of all the various HR related functions.


Woman have a natural inclination for understanding people and an HR profession requires a high competency for understanding the requirements of employees both on a personal and professional level. Because women are better equipped for understanding people, they naturally can better navigate and mentor their employees on an individual basis.

HR is incredibly complex and there is a lot that goes into being a successful HR professional in an organization. People management, multitasking, and the ability to comprehend individuals needs are only 3 skills that make women dominate the HR profession.