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Payroll Link and Google are working together, combining the power of Google’s cloud-based productivity suite, G Suite, with Workforce Link HCM.

This innovative software development relationship helps businesses manage their workforce with familiar, intuitive Google productivity tools that make it easier for workers to create, communicate, and boost productivity, increase employee engagement, and improve workplace efficiency.


Seamlessly integrate tools employee use every day
Use Google Cloud’s G Suite to seamlessly integrate tools employees use every day – such as Drive, Sheets, Docs, Forms, Sites, Calendar, and Contacts – using Single-Sign-On with Workforce Link.  Mobile, collaboration, data collection, storage, and reporting capabilities are enhanced by access to the all-in-one Google Cloud G Suite that lets you securely get work done from anywhere on any device.

easyBackground Screening

Our background check services allow you to conduct comprehensive online and source-record background checks in the shortest possible time frames.

For every need or level

Our services are packaged into solutions for every level of need. From frequent searches to single background checks, easyBackgrounds has the solution to meet your needs.

By industry

Each industry has its own standards, requirements and complexities. From healthcare to construction, financial services and more, easyBackgrounds offers unique industry-specific resources.

Pick and choose

A full range of services to support your background check needs allows you to pick and choose those that meet each individual search requirement your company has, including high or low volume search needs.

Protect your company, employees and clients by knowing who you’re hiring… quickly and conveniently. Whether you need daily or infrequent screening service we have solutions to fit your need.

Workers compensation claim stamped with approval


Start saving with pay-as-you-go Workers’ Compensation.

Through our pay-as-you-go workers comp insurance, much of the hassle with obtaining (and maintaining!) coverage can be eliminated.


Reap the rewards of loss control, medical management, and toll free customer service hotlines. Premiums are paid as you go in small increments –a great cash flow advantage. There’s no down payment and no installment fees. The end result is minimal surprise at audit time–using actual versus estimated payroll data results in a more accurate premium.


HR compliance can be a hassle. We can help with convenient, affordable HR compliance support solutions.

Staying up to date with today’s legislative landscape is extremely challenging for employers and HR departments. As lawsuits, penalties and investigations continue to rise, the risk is broad with both federal and state guidelines to follow. We can help. So you can continue focusing on your business, we offer a number of convenient, practical and affordable solutions so you can stay up to speed with compliance… and your business.


Your HR Compliance Library
Gain access to a searchable library by state, policy library, handbook support, HR guides and checklists, up-to-date compliance alerts, and much more.

Human Resources compliance
Payroll Link services

Web-based Support

Simplify processes around ACA compliance to help avoid steep penalties.

Payroll Link services

HR On Demand

Submit your HR questions to a team of HR pros. Access email, chat or live support for your unique questions.

The Payroll Link MEP 401(k) Plan

Powered by The Standard & Reilly Financial Advisors

As part of the Payroll Link family, we’re proud to offer you exclusive access to The Payroll Link MEP 401(k) Plan. This Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) allows you to offer a full benefit 401(k) plan at no ongoing cost to the employer. We handle all of the administrative tasks of running a 401(k) plan along with carrying the burden of the risks so that you can offer the best for your team.

    1. Big business benefits at competitive rates
    2. No ongoing cost to the employer, and minimum for the employee
    3. No administrative headaches – we take the burden of audits and administrative work
    4. Manage everything in one place to save you time and costly mistakes
    5. Provide financial education for your employees through Reilly Financial Advisors


Streamline and simplify benefits administration.

Reconcile plan provider billing statements conveniently and seamlessly with a direct carrier connection to payroll. Through our marketplace, eBN can integrate with virtually any carrier to establish a file feed for automated benefits enrollment. By joining eBNs network, you’ll have direct access to our platform for employee benefits enrollment. Depending on your needs, we can support Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service and/or digital enrollment forms.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service
Eliminate the need for paper receipts


Move away from paper receipts and spreadsheets with a cloud-based travel and expense management solution


With prescheduled, auto-generated expense report creation and mobile capabilities, Certify eliminates the need for paper receipts and spreadsheets, and provides insight into travel and expense spend with a full suite of on-demand reporting and analytics.

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