Hashtag Holidays to Celebrate this Summer

Hashtag Holidays to Celebrate this Summer

Summer Hashtag Holidays

Summer getaways aren’t always an option for everyone.  As much as we like to think we’re finally going to make use of all that vacation time we’ve been stacking up, the stars don’t always align and another summer goes by that we stuck around the office.  For the hardworking people that just can’t seem to get away for whatever reason, summer may not seem so exciting. That doesn’t have to be the case! Bring summer fun into the office and get creative with your festivities that everyone can participate in.  We chose our favorite hashtag holidays for 2019 to celebrate this summer that you can easily celebrate at your office too.

Summer 2019 Hashtag Holidays


July 10 – Pina Colada Day

What says Caribbean vacay more than a creamy, frozen, pina colada?!  Whip up some pina colada’s in the office for a cold afternoon treat. The best part about this summer beverage is that it’s equally delicious with or without the rum, making it friendly for everyone.  Don’t forget the colorful straws, paper umbrellas, and fruit garnishments to really set the beach scene. Check out this cocktail/mocktail recipe we love from Sugar and Soul.

July 15 – Give Something Away Day

Hold a charity drive in-house and encourage employees to contribute something they would like to give away.  Canned food or clothing drives are an excellent option as many of us have more in our pantries/closets than we would like to admit.  Instead of throwing those unwanted items out, give them away to someone in need.

1 in 4 kids in the Los Angeles and Inland Empire regions struggle with hunger and more than half of students rely on free and reduced meal programs at school.  Summer can be anything but a vacation for kids and families who face these struggles every day. Luckily, there are programs in place to help bridge the gap between school years.  Check out United Way and Foodbank of America to find programs in your area or info on hosting your own drive.

Canned food drive

July 21st – Ice Cream Day

Another reason to embrace delicious frozen treats in the office!  If you’re looking for a quieter (no blender necessary) alternative to Pina Colada Day then look no further.  Ice Cream Day is truly limitless and knows no wrong. Organize an ice cream sundae bar with toppings, sauces, and flavors to choose from, keep it simple and bring in a giant box of ice cream bars and popsicles, create your own ice cream sandwiches or go all out (like us) and host a nitro ice cream party.  Dessert and a show!

August 2nd – International Beer Day & August 4th – White Wine Day

Treat the office to a beer tour around the world,  no PTO necessary! Not everyone in your office is a beer connoisseur?  No problem. Team up with White Wine Day around the corner on August 4th for a full tasting experience.  Bring in different beers and wine from around the world for everyone to enjoy a sip. You can treat it like a beer or wine fest and provide each person with their own tasting cup to rinse and refill as they make their way around the selection.  With enough planning, you could even encourage the lucky ones traveling the world this summer to bring back something to contribute.

International Beer Day

August 31st – Trail Mix Day

As summer is coming to an end and school is ramping back up, what a great time to load up on quick healthy snacks.  Invite everyone in your office to bring in their favorite ingredients for a create your own trail mix bar! Encourage a variety of sweet and salty snacks for some truly unique combos.  If you really want to make it fun and interactive, turn it into a competition. Anyone interested can submit a sample of their creation to be voted on by their fellow peers or management.

Trail Mix Day