Impress your New Hires with Proper Onboarding

Impress your New Hires with Proper Onboarding

Onboarding is a delicate process where new employees determine whether they are engaged or disengaged from their new companies.

Post recruitment, proper onboarding is most often put on the back burner, employers and hiring managers don’t put much thought into a plan that engages employees before their first day of work. When employee onboarding is considered the second most important HR practice after recruitment, making sure you deliver a positive experience is detrimental to the bottom-line.

Companies who have an effective onboarding process prove to impact key organizational outcomes and positively influence organizational culture. An effective onboarding process increases retention, reduces the time it takes a new employee to effectively contribute and increases their engagement.

Onboarding applications can be the answer to your prayers. While it is just the start of the onboarding process, an onboarding application can set things on the right track. With the rise of technology, it is simple to engage your new hires before day one. With an onboarding app, you can replace slow, inaccurate paper-based processes allowing you to spend less time on paperwork and more time engaging with your new hires.

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First impressions are everything, don’t miss out on the single most important opportunity to win over new employees. A new hire who experiences a chaotic onboarding experience may result in them concluding that the organization is poorly managed and they just might regret their decision to accept the job. Onboarding should no longer be an afterthought.  There should be a lot more to bring an employee onboard other than the general tour and first assignment.