Incentives to Drive Employee Engagement

Incentives to Drive Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has been a huge buzzword over the last few years. No matter the industry or size of a business, having overall happy and engaged employees is a huge asset. Employer’s have now realized that in order to attain their business goals, it requires employees that are motivated to perform.

Employee engagement is the connection between a company and its employees. It is a measure of how motivated an employee is to go the extra mile for their organization, and it is a sign of their commitment to their company. Employee engagement is the key to what drives employee performance and employee experience.

Without an engaged workforce, you increase the chances of turnover, customer dissatisfaction, and lower the chances of reaching your goals. There are a ton of factors that play into whether or not an employee is delivering their best performance on a day to day basis. I know from experience that staying motivated and completely engaged at all times at work isn’t realistic. There are definitely going to be days that go by that an employee may not be on their “A” game.

Neither an employer or an employee can force workplace engagement but it can be a core focus for employers to create an environment and company culture where keeping employees motivated is a priority.

What does it take to have and keep employees engaged in their work?

Well, employee engagement does stem from employees understanding company goals and their role in attaining those goals. However, keeping employee engagement alive extends far beyond that understanding. Employees want to feel valued, appreciated, and recognized for their hard work. When an employee(s) begins to feel like they aren’t receiving the recognition they deserve, disengagement from their work begins and performance and productivity are affected.

A major component of keeping a successful employee engagement throughout an organization are incentives. Incentives in the form of bonuses are the dream but not something that all companies can afford. A good incentive program rewards and recognizes employees from across multiple departments and levels for a variety of achieved work-related goals.

In order to implement a successful incentive program that increases motivation and performance, you must offer things that your employees actually care about. Now what you think is a “good”  incentive may not be the same as what employees think is “good.” So, before you go and offer desk supplies sit down and do your research on what your employees actually want/ need.

Incentives can vary from company to company based off of your location, staff, and budget. Check out the classic incentives that just about any employee will love…

Gift Cards

Cash bonuses may not always be an option for your company but the next best bet is gift cards. You can do simple VISA gift cards that can be used just about anywhere or you can do gift cards to specific places such as grocery stores, restaurants, movie theatres, etc.


Subscriptions for services that someone would typically have is another great incentive to offer. Whether it is Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, etc. offering these would be something that employees would really work for and create a fun competitive environment. I don’t know a single person that does not love binging some episodes on Netflix or Hulu.


This one might be a little bit steeper in price but offering something that employees can use for a long time and in their personal life will be a huge hit. From smart watches, laptops, and software employees will be sure to keep their eye on the prize for these.


Make it fun and offer tickets for two to a concert, theme park, or even a performance like Cirque Du Soleil. These are always great because it gives employees an experience to something they may not have purchased for themselves.

Don’t lose exceptional talent because of poor engagement. Incentives like the ones above will sure boost the performance and energy around the office by creating a fun environment. Work should be a place employees want to be at and with incentives like these, employees will without a doubt be driven to perform.