Keeping Employee Productivity During the Holidays

Keeping Employee Productivity During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… but is it? There is something more contagious than the flu that makes its way around the office. Like clockwork, it begins just before the week of Thanksgiving and lasts up until the New Year, decreased employee performance.

As employers, it’s a challenge finding ways to keep staff motivated and engaged during this cheerful season. It is hard for anyone to stay focused when you are thinking of gift giving, festive dinners, short work weeks, and travel arrangements. Holiday stress often becomes a major distraction at work and leads to the loss of employee productivity.

As employees try to juggle their work and personal life and you find their motivation slipping try these simple tips to help them stay focused at work.


This time of year is notorious for distractions that lead to decreased engagement and productivity. Stay on top of employee tasks and projects with the reinforcement of company organizational guidelines to ensure deadlines are still being met, assignments are properly turned in, and things aren’t getting lost in the shuffle and holiday craze.


We all want the ability to take time off to see our loved ones and relax during the holidays. This is one of the busiest times of year when it comes to traveling and it isn’t uncommon to get a rush of requests for the same time off. In order to avoid burning out employees, be reasonable and open to negotiating days off with your team. Send a company email, hold a meeting, or print out the days your organization is closed. Following this memo make sure you let employees know your organization’s holiday and paid time off policies so that there is no confusion.


The most simple way to keep employees engaged is to encourage the holiday spirit. Allow decorations, hold potlucks, or engage your organization in the spirit of giving by volunteering in a food drive. When you make your organization a place employees love being they are more likely to stay engaged and stay productive through the New Year.