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The Marketplace is a cloud-based portal that allows you to leverage complementary best-in-class solutions from third-party vendors — right from the solution interface. Similar to a mobile app store, the Marketplace is your one-stop shop for applications and services, including compensation reports, background checks, employment eligibility verification, and more, that extend the power and functionality of the workforce management solution.

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Workforce management has become a broad category with no one solution able to address every need of most businesses… until now. The challenge has always been that solution providers cannot effectively expand their core competency to include additional services such as carrier connection, background screening, or travel and expenses. These outside services also may not integrate with your workforce management data. With Workforce Link… that problem is solved.

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When you use the marketplace, you are accessing a tightly integrated group of preferred vendors that offer a variety of services designed to expand the functionality of our platform. To become a preferred vendor within our marketplace, a company must demonstrate industry leadership in several key areas, as well as undergo thorough testing to ensure that products work seamlessly with the platform.

Professional services are also available in the marketplace. Leverage our industry and product expertise to uncover a wider array of services we can provide you with directly.

Compensation management, benefit administration
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There’s no need to download software, execute sales contracts, or deal with configuration. Simply add the solutions to your account and activate them directly from within the application. It’s the fast, easy, and hassle-free way to extend your workforce management capabilities.

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