Payroll Link’s all-new Mobile App for HCM

Payroll Link’s all-new Mobile App for HCM

Mobile HCM Solution

A recent study reports that 64 percent of American adults own a smartphone. It has become a vital part of everyday life and business transactions. Is your organization leveraging this resource?

For employers, your HR and workforce data is highly valuable. In particular, for the purposes of profitability and productivity, access to this data is necessary for HR, managers and employees for differing reasons.

Whether it’s workforce scheduling, timesheets, time off, or payroll-related data, these metrics are an important reflection on the company’s investment in personnel, and have a great impact on the bottom line.  For these and other reasons, it’s essential that both employees and managers have on-demand access to their data through a mobile device.

Immediate, convenient access for the modern workforce

At Payroll Link, we’re introducing an all-new, Workforce Link mobile app, redesigned for the modern workforce. As organizations, managers and employees have become increasingly more reliant on mobile technology for timely and convenient access to their critical HR data, the new app provides an innovative new approach to accessing this data across devices, and equally as important, on demand.

With its responsive, intuitive user interface, both employees and managers can now manage common HR, timekeeping and payroll tasks just as easily through a mobile device as they do from their desktop. In a recent HR systems survey**, HR departments were reported to reach 51 percent more employees when they invest in self-service, mobile, and help desk solutions. Our Human Capital Management (HCM) mobile solution was designed to support that initiative, resulting in more engaged, productive and empowered employees. Further, when employees are given convenient tools to better manage their schedule, time off, and HR data, they are more likely to achieve greater job satisfaction.

Your Remote Workforce

In addition to conveniently accessing timely HR data, one of the more important features of a mobile-connected HCM platform is the ability to accurately account for remote and off-site employees.

For industries that employ staff who move from site to site or primarily work off-site, the ability to restrict and validate employee punches through geo-fencing can be a tremendous tool. Enabling employees to accurately record time is important, but also, the ability to switch between cost-centers or labor categories can allow for more accurate labor and job cost reporting, which previously was either not economical or available.

The app is available as a free download in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (Android devices).

Features Include

  • Available for both Apple and Android devices (iOS 8 or later & Android 4 and up)
  • Manager and employee access
  • Record punches from anywhere and/or enable geo-mapping
  • View timesheet, schedule, accrual balances, and leave calendars
  • Enroll in benefits and view benefit elections
  • Access employee summary or detailed data
  • Manage approvals of timesheets, time off, and leave-of-absence requests

*Time sheet change requests will be available in future updates

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Competing in today’s workplace requires better tools and greater efficiency. If your Human Capital Management solution is not a market-leading platform with mobile technology, contact an HCM specialist at Payroll Link to learn more about how we can help.


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