Deliver the perfect paycheck every time.


Does your current payroll solution meet your needs?
We deliver full-service payroll, with second-to-none service.

Since 2000, Payroll Link has been providing payroll and workforce management solutions to employers in California and across the US. When we say we love great technology and serving our clients, we mean it! We offer full-service payroll in a single platform with all your human capital management tools.

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Is your current solution robust enough to effectively manage the entire payroll process for my organization?

Payroll Link services

Extensive Reporting

Does it offer a wide-enough range of reporting options to allow efficient management over payroll?

Payroll Link services

Grow your business

Can the functionality expand as you grow your business?


Deliver the perfect paycheck every time.

The payroll module puts you in complete control of your payroll — every step of the way. Continuous processing makes payroll available whenever you need it. Real-time calculations let you know exactly what your people are doing and how much you’re paying them to do it.

Robust Reporting

Access more than 60 built-in reports or build your own.

There are more than 60 built-in standard reports, and users can also create ad hoc custom reports. Quick Links allow users to swiftly navigate between the most popular reports. Choose from a wide range of export options, including CSV, Excel, PDF, and XML.

General Ledger

The General Ledger report provides records — including earnings, taxes, and deductions — that are linked to the proper GL code determined at setup.

Payroll Register

The Payroll Register is the main payroll report that is generated with each payroll processing. This report includes all earnings, taxes, and deductions for all employees in a specific pay period.

Recap & Funding

The Payroll Recap and Funding report is also compiled during each payroll processing. This report generates the total dollars and summary breakdown of where funds were spent for that pay period.

Payroll reporting, General Ledger

Our technology is exceptional, but our service is what sets us apart.

Complete control every step of the way.

Payroll accuracy… at a new level:

Continuous payroll processing

Real-time calculations

Versatile pay rules engine

Notifications and alerts that flag issues

Automated tax table updates

Perfect Paycheck Analysis report

General Ledger

Simplify how you align your payroll data with the General Ledger. Conveniently map your payroll information to the General Ledger, then access the data as you need it, when you need it. Your payroll is integrated so that all payroll information may be imported conveniently and directly. Our General Ledger interface reduces the time, cost and error associated with maintaining payroll entries so you have the reporting, auditing and simple data mapping you need.

Robust Tax Engine

Tax data is built into the system to support multiple regional requirements and tax structures. Automatic tax table updates help ensure the accuracy of employee withholdings. The payroll module includes everything you need to complete and file tax forms in house. Or choose from outsourced options for tax filing, garnishment processing, and check printing.


When you call… we answer.

When you become a client, we connect you to one, designated client service representative. You’ll work with that person, the same person, day in and day out. One point of contact you can count on to make sure your payroll runs smoothly, effortlessly and reliably every single time.

When you call, we answer. Our average time-on-hold is less than 30 seconds, and if you do need to leave a message, we return calls within one hour, not one day or longer. No runaround, no “chain of command” delays and no finger pointing or sighs of frustration.

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Many ways to save… with paperless payroll.


Many ways to save… with paperless payroll.

With paperless payroll, you save more than just the cost and time of check distribution.


  • All your employee payroll data in one place
  • No need to print, fax or phone time sheets
  • Reduced administration for check distribution and cashing
  • Secure, online delivery of your payroll reports
  • 24/7 access for HR, employee and manager self service
  • Cut down on toner, paper, and cabinet space