Technology is Changing the HR Role

Technology is Changing the HR Role

Technology is Changing the HR Role

The role of technology in the HR function has changed drastically over recent years, and inevitably, continues to change. These changes are for the better, but they are also creating a great challenge for HR professionals and employers who must make long-term decisions about their payroll, HR, time, and other workforce management technology tools. A distant memory is the days of managing spreadsheets and HR filing cabinets. Today, organizations are investing in Human Capital Management technology solutions, a new suite of unified HR tools that are available through a single platform experience.

HR’s Influence on Your Greatest Asset

Your workforce is likely your greatest cost and asset in the success of your organization. Today, perhaps more than ever, the HR role is able to drive the productivity of this asset while minimizing the cost. The influence of the HR role and responsibility in making technology decisions is more important than ever. HR professionals today undoubtedly are being stretched to demonstrate their technology competency. Due to dynamic workforces and compliance requirements, the days of simply outsourcing payroll and maintaining spreadsheets to manage the rest of your HR data are virtually gone.

More Time for HR Professionals

As an HR professional, if you need more time, start by innovating your HR processes. Today’s Human Capital Management technologies allow HR departments to accomplish this like never before across a very broad spectrum of administrative challenges, including:

  • Recruitment and applicant tracking
  • New hire onboarding
  • Benefit enrollment and administration
  • Timekeeping and employee scheduling
  • Leave management
  • HR data management
  • Payroll


What’s more, there’s another layer of workforce solutions that can and should be integrated with your technology suite, including (but not limited) HR compliance support, Background screening, Travel and Expense Management, retirement solutions, Workers Compensation, and much more. For Payroll Link, these solutions are integrated and available through a marketplace of trusted partners. However, for many employers, these additional technology integrations are not available. All of these tools serve to decrease the cost of labor, administration, and compliance risk while accelerating employee productivity.

Choosing Between a Service and Technology Organization

We love serving our clients and we invest significantly in that effort. But today, while responsive care is critical to a successful partnership with your Human Capital Management provider, it’s perhaps only half of a very important equation. The other half being technology… or the tools used to make the HR role more productive and impactful on the organization. As an HR professional relying on technology, if you haven’t investigated your payroll and HR suite of tools in the last two or three years, it would be a worthwhile to do the research again.

In the HR and payroll services market, it’s common to see employers shopping for an HR service and technology partner being forced to choose between great technology or great service. Often, these two critical elements don’t truly exist in the same organization. This is because both require tremendous long and short-term investments by the provider… on a continuous basis. While your current provider may have offered leading technology five years ago, today, that technology may be highly limiting to your organization.

At Payroll Link, we don’t believe you should have to compromise. We offer market-leading Human Capital Management solutions along with good, old-fashioned service that’s personal and essential to your success. Your HR department should be benefitting from a unified platform that addresses your challenges from hire to retire. Whether it’s recruiting, onboarding, human resources, benefits, performance tracking, compensation, time and labor, scheduling, leave management, payroll and beyond… we have a market-leading solution built within a single platform experience

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