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Reporting & Record Keeping

Confused about which OSHA reporting and recordkeeping requirements apply to your organization? In this session, we’ll review these requirements – who they apply to, what your company must do for compliance, and when to complete various responsibilities. We’ll review the OSHA 300 forms in detail, and will cover OSHA’s new electronic submission of injury and illness records requirements.


Retention: How to Keep Top Talent

Keeping your best and brightest should be a high priority for any company. This is especially true considering that replacing an employee can cost you 50-60% of their annual salary, not to mention the numerous indirect costs. Join us as we discuss company culture, workforce engagement, and total rewards so you can keep your top talent in-house.


Properly Paying Exempt Employees

To be properly classified as exempt from overtime, an employee must meet specific guidelines under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). In this session, we’ll discuss how to avoid jeopardizing the exemption as well as some common errors employers make, such as improper deductions from salary. Discover what every employer should know to avoid these common and costly mistakes.


Social Media in the Workplace

Social media can be a powerful tool to grow your business, but it can also create workplace distractions or be a forum for messages that may undermine or hurt your organization’s brand. Join us for a new webinar where you’ll learn when and how you can regulate the use of social media in the workplace.


Wage & Hour Done Right

Classifying employees correctly and then paying them the right way based on that classification can be complicated, and when done incorrectly can be very costly for employers. Learn the basics of exempt versus non-exempt classification, and what you need to know about paying non-exempt employees.

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